LangMers  started to come to life after I created Post-it notes of Arabic which I put around my house in order to see the language at all times and help sustain vocabulary. As I was studying Arabic at my local university and spending time with my Arabic speaking friends, I noticed really did help to have the written language all around my house.  Seems like the subconscious mind picks up more than I anticipated which led me to look up language stickers online. I bought a few different types and applied them to objects around my house and the only difference with these ones was minor. They phonetically spelled out to help with pronunciation and were color-coded based off of gender.  I personally do not like having the English letters there and I didn’t find the color coding very useful because in order to understand the gender you had to first memorize the word. They were also too small and you couldn’t see them unless you were a foot away. This is what led me to the idea to create larger size language stickers that you can see from a distance  and also there would be the distraction of the English letters. This led me to the idea of using it app to scan the sticker and receive more information. The key idea here was to have the app in order to access more information, it wasn’t really important if you are scanning the word, a barcode, a QR code or anything like that, what was important was having the information available to you, but it didn’t distract you from your target language.  I feel that the sticker is also more durable because it’s reusable and doesn’t leave any marks on objects like the other ones I tried. Is also something that can be passed out and shared to others to help learn languages, I feel this helps with promoting the community of language learners and language exchange in general. The app also offered audio from a native speaker to help with pronunciation, seated and have to try to read the phonetically spelled out version of the work, you could just hear it and mimic it which is how we learn languages naturally anyways.  It’s like that idea of a young child learning their native language, they hear it and say it. Our team worked long and rigorous hours to design the stickers, the computer programs with the stickers, collecting the data and information, and over 100 collaborative meetings. We did this all for the purpose to help anyone learn a language and we also donate to local Immigration and refugee centers. We are always looking to improve and expand, so please share your thoughts and ideas. We hope you enjoy our product as a tool for personal development in your language learning journeys!

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